We provide an all-in-one solution for collecting and analysing social, health, and other sensitive data in a secure processing environment.

SPESiOR™ is a platform developed by health economists, data scientists, healthcare professionals, quality specialists, statisticians, software engineers, and many other experts.

It provides a secure way to collect, combine, and analyse data from multiple sources. SPESiOR™ is a certified platform for data processing and it complies with the Finnish regulatory requirements for the secondary use of health and social welfare data. With SPESiOR™, you will achieve your research objectives and gain insights.

Some key Features

Valvira certified (Secondary-use environments), i.e. Findata compliant
Wide permitted use, data collection possibilities
Training and customer support available
Strong authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Private cloud located in Finland



  • Your data input
  • Surveys
  • Chart reviews
  • Real-time data collection, such as
    • Patient-reported outcome measures (PROM)
    • Patient-reported experience measures (PREM)
    • Real-world data (RWD)
    • Trials


  • Secure operating environment for your needs, customization available
  • Integrated software for statistical computing and graphics
  • Possibility to outsource studies, analysis, and modelling to ESiOR's experts who master data analysis, health economics, information sciences, computing, and statistics


  • Store your data in a secure environment for possible reuse or auditing in the future

We offer studies, consultation, technical solutions, and support
with skilled professionals.

Better Engineering
Better Cybersecurity
Better user experience
Better studies
Better outcomes

Do you need a secure processing environment? Are you interested in real-world data, studies, or trials?

Let our experienced specialists help you or perform the time-consuming application, research, modelling, and development processes. We are here for you, feel free to contact us or give feedback

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